DIY Fridge + Freezer Tracking Dry Erase Board - Printable

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Say hello to the award winning daily baby tracking system created by a NICU mom to help YOU care for your baby.

Easily print these files from the comfort of your own home.

Use this handy DIY to create a dry-erase board and easily keep track of all the food you have in your fridge and freezer. Helps reduce food waste, and answers the dreaded, "what do we have for lunch?" question. 



  • 1 printable file for a 16x20" poster
  • DIY instructions (and material list) for printing, assembling, and mounting. 

Are you feeling like it's impossible to keep up with everything for your new baby? You're sleep deprived and expected to remember when baby nursed, got a bottle, when you pumped last (and how much), when you last changed baby's diaper, the consistency of bowel movements, length of tummy times, sleep patterns based on naps and nighttime sleeping. Phew! It's a LOT to keep track of, all while keeping a baby cared for, and attempting to care for yourself and the rest of your family.

We. Get. It. Founded by an overwhelmed NICU mom, The Everyday Mother is the holy grail for keeping track of your baby. It's the literal life-saver you need to get you through the exhaustion, and into a routine that works for your family.

The Everyday Mother allows you to track all of the baby essentials - feedings (breast, bottle, pumping, or all three), diaper changes, sleep patterns, and reminders for mom (don't forget to take care of yourself, mom!). We offer spiral bound tracking books, or printable templates for you to take organized tracking into your own hands. We provide the tools, you provide the real life!

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All of our Everyday Mother books are designed, made, and shipped to you from New York.


In addition to being woman-owned, we actively with women-owned businesses, and organizations.


Yes! You can use The Everyday Mother to track twins.

We have aTwin Tracker notepad, designed specifically for twins, but if you'd rather use a book for tracking, here is a post with a lot of great ways to use The Everyday Mother for twins and multiples.

When you add a Complete Bundle to your book, you are adding: Doctor Visit Note Insert Pages, Milestone Stickers, Calendar Insert Pages, and Monthly Note Insert Pages. This bundle can NOT be added to an Everyday Mother Mini, as the page sizes are different and will not fit. Here is a video tutorial on how to add insert pages to your Everyday Mother book.

Add-on pages can be inserted into any Everyday Mother book, except for the Mini. Here is a video tutorial for adding your insert pages into your Everyday Mother book.

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Coming home after 99 days in the NICU was...hard. My husband and I found ourselves in a new place, without the experts we trusted, with a child who had special needs. For me, I felt like I didn't know who my son was outside of the hospital, and it was terrifying.

I created The Everyday Mother to track what I was familiar with in the NICU - pumping, feeding, medical notes, sleep, diapers, and milestones. That information gave me the confidence to become an expert at truly understanding my infant son.

The Everyday Mother gave me the confidence I needed to thrive as a new parent, and I know it will do the same for you, too.